Tips for Foster Parents

Guest Post from Contributor Kellie Hamilton This excerpt is taken from the book “This Is Mine: My Story, My Life”  If you would like to know more, you can order your copy of this powerful book here. As a caseworker, I have heard time and time again from foster parents that “all they need is love.”  Until I started my own journey in this challenging career field, I probably thought the same thing myself.  However, I have since learned that this is just one of the biggest misconceptions about the needs of these special children.  Yes, all children do need … Continue reading Tips for Foster Parents

Fostering Stories, and Perspectives

Guest Post by Nikky Greer, Why is the foster care system so complex? Everyone knows it is broken, so why don’t policymakers fix it? Whose fault is it? Who suffers? These are some of the questions that plagued me as I began developing a research project centered on the foster care system. I wanted to help young people and children in foster care, but didn’t know how. As I learned more, I was surprised. Foster kids aren’t the only ones suffering under current foster care policy. But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. One question at a time. Why is … Continue reading Fostering Stories, and Perspectives

A Fresh Start to 2014: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa (ta·bu·la ra·sa) noun, plural a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc. anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state. (origin Latin): 1525–35; scraped tablet, clean slate A New Year After the ball drops and the countdown has officially welcomed in the New Year, we wake up wondering…what is next? An optimist thinks about new relationships, engaging new projects, and exciting adventures the coming year will bring. A pessimist worries over the same relationships, dreading unpleasant projects, rehashing misadventures, carrying forward baggage from the previous year. Do you see yourself as The Optimist, The Pessimist, or Both? … Continue reading A Fresh Start to 2014: Tabula Rasa

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Painful Past, Promising Future & Powerful Presence

WARNING: Some of the information shared here is graphic in nature. We are intensely busy reading, drafting, formatting, typing, crying (a little) and prayerfully lacing together the stories that our amazing foster alumni have so bravely shared in our book … Continue reading Painful Past, Promising Future & Powerful Presence