Submit Your Story

We are now accepting submissions for our next book…

We will continue sharing stories of those that have life experience in foster care.  We will also be including letters written from foster alumni to their younger self.

We are so thankful for your willingness to share your story.   Please submit your information in the form below.  We will not use your real name or email in the book without your express permission.

First, a few rules:

    • No cussing or swearing.
    • By submitting your story, you are agreeing to let The 90/ten Project use any part of your submission in an ebook, published book, on the website, or in any publicity.  The 90/ten Project will then own the rights to your submission.
    • If your story is selected to be included in the book, we will contact you and we will send you a free copy of the E-Book.

*By submitting this form you are indicating that you are over eighteen years old and you give your consent for The 90/ten Project to use the information you provide. You relinquish all rights to any income associated with the sale of this book, or any future materials published with the content you have submitted.  We will keep your personal information strictly confidential. It will not be sold, traded or used for any other purpose than to communicate with you.

Submit Your Story Here:

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