A Fresh Start to 2014: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa (ta·bu·la ra·sa) noun, plural a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc. anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state. (origin Latin): 1525–35; scraped tablet, clean slate A New Year After the ball drops and the countdown has officially welcomed in the New Year, we wake up wondering…what is next? An optimist thinks about new relationships, engaging new projects, and exciting adventures the coming year will bring. A pessimist worries over the same relationships, dreading unpleasant projects, rehashing misadventures, carrying forward baggage from the previous year. Do you see yourself as The Optimist, The Pessimist, or Both? … Continue reading A Fresh Start to 2014: Tabula Rasa

Home for the Holidays: Forgotten Foster Children

Ever wonder how you can help foster children through the holiday season?  I can honestly say that working with these babies during this time of year is very difficult and depressing.  Children want to be home (or not) and parents want them home (or are completely absent). Putting a band-aid of a gift labeled “boy” or “girl” does not quite foster intimate connections between the child and his or her caretaker.  If you are a foster caretaker, be gracious to these children.  Treat them exactly the same as your own with regards to your family traditions and gift giving. Please … Continue reading Home for the Holidays: Forgotten Foster Children

CNN Heroes Features OneSimpleWish.org

Join The 90/Ten Project tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern as we watch the airing of CNN Heroes of 2013.  We are especially excited to see Top Ten Finalist Danielle Gletow, founder of Onesimplewish.org on the show.  Danielle and her amazing team work tirelessly to connect foster children who have “one simple wish” to people who want to help.  One Simple Wish has helped over 30,000 children to date. Follow One Simple Wish’s crew @DGletow @OneSimpleSteph @OneSimpleSarah, who will be live tweeting during the #CNNHeroes broadcast tonight. Please support this great organization and make some wishes come true! Malinda Continue reading CNN Heroes Features OneSimpleWish.org

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Painful Past, Promising Future & Powerful Presence

WARNING: Some of the information shared here is graphic in nature. We are intensely busy reading, drafting, formatting, typing, crying (a little) and prayerfully lacing together the stories that our amazing foster alumni have so bravely shared in our book … Continue reading Painful Past, Promising Future & Powerful Presence