Painful Past, Promising Future & Powerful Presence

WARNING: Some of the information shared here is graphic in nature.

This Is Mine: My Story, My Life
This Is Mine: My Story, My Life

We are intensely busy reading, drafting, formatting, typing, crying (a little) and prayerfully lacing together the stories that our amazing foster alumni have so bravely shared in our book (their book), “This Is Mine: My Story, My Life“.   You will meet some very determined, independent, amazing individuals who have triumphed over great adversity and have stepped forward to share their journey with you.  Each person has their own unique style of writing about their life, and we have preserved their story for you to experience their individuality. Let us introduce you…

Meet Phyllis Amalfitano Kessler Guilmette Thompson:

When I was taken from my mother, I was found broken, burnt, nonverbal and locked in a basement, with a boy just a few years older than me. For years as a young child, the identity of this young boy plagued my dreams and instilled a child-like fantasy of lost brother and sister running down the street into each other’s arms.

Meet MindOfAGeisha:

The day I was placed in foster care was a very odd day for me. I was ten years old, traumatized, and very afraid. I think back now and realized I had every reason to be scared, foster care would later on drag me through hell and back…

Meet Helen Ramalgia:

…hands busted through the screen door and took me to a car.  We went to a Juvenile Detention Center where we lived for several months to keep us safe from our father.  They had to lock me up to keep the man who was supposed to love and protect me, from killing me.

Meet ShirleyAlexis:

It is the distorted face of my Abuser, that I see today, in my Nightmares and Flashbacks, as I endure re-living the event of when she was holding me underwater…

Meet Nikki J:

For years, my big brother and I had taken care of our three younger siblings. We were forced to grow up at a young age ourselves and then one day we were all ripped apart. Trying to learn to become a child again, was nearly impossible.

Meet Leroy Berrones-Soto, Jr.:

NEVER give up on your kiddos or youths. Learn and listen to their stories. We all have our unique story, even if it’s just a sentence different. Treat them as your own child and give them as much love and support without, of course, invading their personal space and life.

The Future of The 90/Ten Project

These amazing individuals have a painful past, a promising future and a powerful presence today.  They invite you into their lives for just a moment, to learn from them, and to use their life experience to make things better for others.  We will be donating 90% of the proceeds of this book to organizations that currently serve children in foster care to provide extra support for birthdays, holidays, and special needs. We hope to have the book finalized, formatted, and complete for Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your amazing support.

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