Paying It Forward

The spirit of The 90/Ten Project is to “pay it forward”… We are so thankful to have come across some amazing bloggers, world changers, authors, foster parents, organizations, and even some struggling students (Leroy) who advocate for the best interest of foster youth.  These incredible people deserve some special mention, please check out their websites (in no particular order).

Aging Out Institute

This website serves those youth approaching emancipation and those who have already aged out with online resources to help them be successful in their transition.

From Foster To Fabulous

Helen Ramaglia is a national speaker, foster care trainer, congressional award winner and author of “From Foster to Fabulous.”

Fostercaredad & Fostercaremum

These blogs are both really inspirational and grounded in the realities of foster parenting.  Head on over to a bit of Australia to see how the blokes down under foster…


Life before, during and after foster care from the perspective of a foster care alumni and current foster parent.

Project Meet Me Halfway

A national campaign started by foster alumni and country music singer Jimmy Wayne.  Project Meet Me Halfway brings awareness to the needs of foster youth to be prepared for emancipation out of foster care.

The Comfort Project

This project is designed to provide comfort for foster youth by providing them with their own bedding to create a personalized space.

CASA For Children

CASA volunteers advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children in their community and the courts.

Dave Thomas Foundation

The Wendy’s Wonderful Kids campaign is making a difference by using child-focused recruitment to match the children who have been waiting the longest for a family.

Author Nikki J.

Nikki’s mission is to help others heal from life’s tragedies.  Her book, “The Pain in the Promise; Child Neglected, God Protected, Beauty Reflected” is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Google Play.

I Was A Foster Kid Blog

Tips and perspectives for caring for foster kids, from a foster alumni.  This blog has a lot of really great information, shooting straight from the hip.

Finicky Philly

Philly is a journalist, foodie, and an advocate for reforming the broken pieces of the child welfare system.

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