Trick? or Treat?

A typical day working with at risk families is chock full of emotional extremes.  In one day you may have a really great conversation with someone that has an incredible breakthrough, and ten minutes later get cussed out by the very same person.

Trick? or Treat?

I am certain that youth in foster care feel like they cannot trust a single person.  Why should they?  Their whole life has been turned upside dTrick? or Treat?own and they are just scrambling to find a new normal. There is a look that children get in their eyes when they simply cannot process what is happening to them, whether we think it is the best thing for them or not doesn’t matter.  It is as if they completely disappear into themselves, in a world only they can escape to.  Perhaps it is better, they can find safety and peace in that space until they are ready to rejoin the new world around them.

Taking Off The Mask

Once a child has entered the child welfare system, those involved (biological family, caseworkers, foster families, court representatives, counselors, and educators) have the responsibility of helping each child “take off the mask” and begin to engage the people around them.   It is a beautiful and amazing thing when a child who has been traumatized starts to come out of their shell and open up to others.  I have told many children while being placed into a new home to hold my hand while we meet the foster family together and they do not have to let go until they no longer feel afraid.  I’m am not sure whether this helps the kiddos tremendously, but so far… not one child has refused.

Helping Foster ChildrenThis Is Mine2 copy

The desire of The 90/Ten Project is to help those with life experience in foster care “take off the mask” and share their experiences with others.  Taking an honest look from the perspective of the individuals our foster care system serves will help us determine what is working, and what improvements need to be made.

We are excited about emerging partnerships with agencies that currently serve children in foster care.  We have the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of foster children with your help. If your agency is interested in partnering with The 90/Ten Project, please feel free to contact us.

We are donating 90% of the profit from the first ebook “This Is Mine: My Story, My Life” to directly benefit children in foster care.

Foster Alumni

The 90/Ten Project is still accepting stories etc.. for the book This Is Mine: My Story, My Life. We are still accepting submissions of your stories, artwork, poems, and any other method which you wish to express yourself (as long as it is absent of foul language, thank you).

This is your story. We need your voice

We are still accepting submissions of your stories, artwork, poems, and even videos as long as it is absent of foul language (thank you).  We will be accepting submissions until November 10 to allow time for editing and formatting.  If you prefer to have your story  published with your name identified please note that in your submission, otherwise it will be anonymous.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. You can submit your story here.

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